Sometime ago, one of my very wise teenage clients gave me a picture that reads:

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

And do you know what I’ve come to realize that fiery pursuit is for me?

Helping people flourish.

And to accomplish this, I believe that we can do better at providing effective supports. I want to change the way we view what is often called ‘challenging, disruptive or purposeful’ behavior. I want to inspire people to think differently, dig deeper and discover what is at the root cause of the behaviors we may observe.

If we can do this, I believe that we can provide more effective, meaningful supports so that our clients, students and loved ones can flourish.

That’s why I’m so excited to share my discoveries about interoception with professionals and families. I want to help them gain a better understanding of behavior. To learn how to dig deep. To ask the right questions. To honor and validate each person’s unique inner experience. To implement an interoception-based approach to supporting behavior and self-regulation.

Most of all, though, I want my clients themselves (and people everywhere) to feel more understood. To feel more effectively supported, and to be more successful at identifying and managing the way that they feel. I want people to feel safer in their environments and within their bodies. I want them to be able to live a life full of purpose, meaning and joy. That is what sets my soul on fire!

About Kelly:

Kelly Mahler Headshot

Kelly Mahler

Kelly Mahler OTD, OTR/L, earned a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Misericordia University, Dallas, PA. She has been an occupational therapist for 18 years, serving school-aged children and adults. Kelly is winner of multiple awards including the 2020 American Occupational Therapy Association Emerging and Innovative Practice Award & a Mom’s Choice Gold Medal. She is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA and is actively involved in several research projects pertaining to topics such as interoception, self-regulation, trauma & autism. Kelly is an international speaker and presents frequently on topics related to the eight resources she has authored: