Interoception Through the Lens of an Autistic Adult

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This live course includes:

  • 2-hours live instruction with Kelly + Chloe (approximately 90 minutes of content + 30 minutes of Q&A)
  • 2-weeks unlimited access to the recorded version
  • Access to 3 exclusive downloadable resources
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  • October 28, 2021 @ 10:00-12:00 EDT
  • Can’t make it? No problem! 2-weeks of unlimited access to the course recording is available to all that register
What you’ll learn:

  • All about interoception from the perspective of an autistic adult that has lived experience (Chloe)
  • The gains that Chloe has experienced as a result of her interoception journey
  • How Chloe’s inner experience shaped her outward ‘behavior’ and how her outward ‘behaviors’ were significantly misunderstood by many people in the past
  • How being subjected to a compliance-based approach forced Chloe to ignore her bodily needs in order to comply with the demands forced upon her from others.
  • The practical, evidence-based strategies that Chloe used to enhance the understanding of her own inner experience.
  • How others helped Chloe to understand her own inner experience and what she found most helpful (and what she found unhelpful too)
  • How Chloe embedded interoception language into her communication device (ipad)
  • Why cognitive based strategies and coping skill education is a mismatch for learners that experience interoception confusion (and what to do instead)
  • Why it is vital to provide supports that help learners explore their own inner experiences in a way that is validating and strength-based
  • A brief overview of what current research tells us about the interoception experience of autistic learners and the pros/cons of this research
  • Information shared will be applicable to learners of a variety of ages, backgrounds & learning styles

Course Description:

Very frequently, in an effort to promote self-regulation, autistic learners are subject to approaches that do not account for their inner interoceptive experience. For example, they are generically taught to use coping skills, but never taught to understand the messages coming from their body indicating when to use a certain regulation strategy. Or they are forced to comply with demands/norms that completely disregard what their body is telling them they need to feel safe, regulated and ultimately participate in the world. Nurturing self-regulation is a great idea, but shouldn’t we do so in a way that honors and validates each person’s unique interoceptive experience? 

Research indicates that in order to successfully self-regulate, one needs to understand their own inner experience first. In other words, interoception is the foundation of our ability to successfully self-regulate hunger, thirst, toileting needs, pain, body temperature, anxiety, sensory overwhelm and so forth. Despite the importance of interoception, it is rarely emphasized in the supports provided.

In this live online course, we explore the interoception through the lens of an autistic adult, Chloe Rothschild. Chloe will share all about her life-changing interoception journey, including the ups and the downs (and how she overcame some of the challenges) Several concrete, evidence-based interoception strategies will be shared. If you are ready to enhance your ability to better support the needs of the learners you serve, register today. We look forward to seeing you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • You are serving learners that have difficulty understanding their own body signals and emotions
  • You want to learn about interoception directly from an autistic person with lived experience
  • You are an Occupational Therapy Practitioner, Educator, Mental Health Provider, Speech and Language Pathologist, Adult service provider, Behaviorist, or Caregiver who wants to help learners be better supported.
  • You know there is a better way at providing regulation supports, but you aren’t sure where to start or you need more ideas.
  • You want to remain on the cutting edge of practice and follow what the research states as the best evidence-based approach for supporting autistic learners.
  • You want to feel empowered with information you can use to create buy-in for a different approach to supporting regulation success.

Featured review

Pedro S. Chloe and Kelly are such fun presenters. I’m a psychologist and support a lot of autistic clients. Learning about Chloe’s interoception experience was really helpful and re-emphasized why interoception needs to be a top consideration for many of my clients. This course gave me lots of practical ideas that I can start using right away. Thanks Chloe and Kelly.

So, who are we?:

We are Chloe Rothschild and Kelly Mahler and have been friends for 7 years and speaking together at conferences internationally for 5 years. It didn’t take us long to discover that we share a lot of common passions including educating others about the provision of more kind and effective supports. We co-authored a book (with another friend Jarvas Alma) called My Interoception Workbook: A Guide for Adolescents, Teens & Adults in 2019.
More about Chloe: I’m a young adult with autism who is a very passionate self-advocate. I have been educating others about autism from my perspective for the past 10 years and enjoy speaking on a variety of topics related to autism including but not limited to: communication/AAC, Autism from my perspective/my journey, Interoception/Sensory and more. I received the 2020 David Joyce Self Advocate of the Year Award from the Autism Society of America and serve on the board of directors for the ARC of the United States and the OCALI Advisory board. I work as a teacher’s aide at an autism school called G.O.A.L.
More about Kelly: I earned a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Misericordia University, Dallas, PA and have been an occupational therapist for 18 years, serving school-aged children and adults. I’m winner of multiple awards including the 2020 American Occupational Therapy Association Emerging and Innovative Practice Award & a Mom’s Choice Gold Medal. I am an international speaker and enjoy presenting on topics related to the twelve resources I’ve authored including: