Simulated Live Group Training–Interoception, the 8th Sense: The Science of How We Each Uniquely Feel

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This Simulated Live Group Training is a cost-effective, flexible and engaging way to train your team on the cutting-edge topic of interoception. Our pre-recorded videos include high-quality content delivered directly by Kelly, and our interactive learning activities help participants retain information and apply it to their work. All the benefits of bringing Kelly to your organization, within an innovative structure that can be adjusted to meet your unique needs.

We also offer an optional add-on live Q&A with Kelly, so participants can get their questions answered directly after the training is over.

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What is a Simulated Live Course?:

A flexible way for busy organizations to train a small or large group of staff members on cutting edge topics. Our simulated live group trainings include pre-recorded videos of Kelly teaching meaningful content, guiding your group through hands-on learning activities, and initiating thought-provoking group discussions. Project the videos into your group learning space and let the learning happen. All the benefits of bringing Kelly to your organization, within an innovative structure that can be adjusted to meet your unique needs.

Content included is similar to what is provided in our live virtual or in-person courses, but delivered in a way that can be personalized by you. You pick the date, time, length, format & location. You’ll be able to pause, rewind, or fast forward videos. Complete the training in 1 day or spread it out over the course of multiple days. Simply work out some basic details with us, and your organization will have access to our learning content as outlined below.

Offering even more customization, you can add-on an optional live Q&A with Kelly to be scheduled after your group completes the training and has the chance to absorb and reflect on the content. Offered via Zoom, Kelly can debrief with the entire team or work with a subgroup.

What is included:

  • A 3-hour training, broken into 5 learning videos
  • Bonus learning activities and discussion questions to further learning and support implementing concepts learned in the course
  • No limit to group size, but all participants must be employees of your organization.
  • Pre-recorded videos of Kelly:
    • Teaching meaningful content
    • Introducing hands on learning activities for the audience to try together
    • Initiating thought-provoking discussion questions
  • Facilitator manual that provides tips for guiding the training experience
  • Digital handouts for audience engagement, reflection and information retention
  • Personalized certificates of completion
  • Optional add-on: Live Q & A with Kelly after your training day

 What you provide:

  • Access to high-speed wi-fi. You will log into our website and stream the training videos into your learning space
  • A space for the group to watch the course. Your group can be:
    • In the same physical space that has audio/visual technology for projecting the course videos so that the entire group will be able to see/hear.
    • In the same virtual space (e.g., Zoom) in an account that accommodates the size of your group. Breakout rooms and chat functions must be enabled for the interactive parts of the course. Please note: recording during the course is not allowed and against the copyright protection of this course.
  • A facilitator who will lead the group by:
    • Ensuring technology is set-up on the day of the training. This includes logging into and ensuring videos are ready to be streamed and projected in learning space
    • Ensuring all accessibility/learning needs of the group are met
    • Starting/Pausing the streaming videos at specified points indicated by Kelly in the training
    • Leading the group through the discussion questions provided by Kelly
    • Providing group with access to the digital handouts provided
    • Ensuring the group has directions on accessing certificates, quiz questions and feedback survey if applicable


Content includes:

Module 1: What is Interoception?

  • Feeling your Feels: 3 Important Points
  • What is Interoception?

Module 2: Unique Inner Experiences

  • IA Extremes
  • Shifts for Preventing and Healing IA Extremes

Module 3: The Vast Influence of IA

  • The Vast Influence of IA
  • IA & Self-Regulation
  • IA & Language/Communication

Module 4: Strategies for Supporting IA

  • Adaptations for IA
  • IA Builders:
    • Section 1: Body
    • Section 2: Emotion (Bonus)
    • Section 3: Action (Bonus)

Module 5: Wrap-Up

  • Evidence Supporting the Interoception Curriculum
  • Conclusion

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Interoception, the 8th Sense: The Science of How We Each Uniquely Feel, Interoception, the 8th Sense: The Science of How We Each Uniquely Feel + 1-hour live Q&A with Kelly