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Hi, I'm Kelly Mahler - Interoception Groupie and Occupational Therapist

I teach professionals, caregivers and self-helpers how to use evidence-based supports that facilitate discovery and validation of each person’s unique interoception experience which in turn empowers people with self-understanding, self-regulation, health, well-being and social connection.

Through my award-winning resources (including The Interoception Curriculum® and Interoception Activity Cards®), thriving Facebook community and top-ranked live online trainings, I provide practical and confidence building resources for over 180,000 professionals, caregivers & self-helpers.


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The Interoception Curriculum Starter Bundle

The Interoception Curriculum Starter Bundle

Includes: The Interoception Curriculum & Interoception Activity Cards

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The Interoception Curriculum Master Bundle

The Interoception Curriculum Master Bundle

Includes: The Interoception Curriculum, Interoception Activity Cards, Interoception Yoga Cards, Interoception Exercise Cards, My Interoception Workbook & LIVE Online Course: 3 Steps to Improving Interoception

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On-Demand Courses

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Learn about a variety of cutting-edge topics that bridge science to practice and provide you with fresh ideas to implement right away. Flexible learning at your own pace.

Each on-demand course comes with unlimited access for 6 months, exclusive handouts and personalized certification of completion. While these on-demand courses are designed for a wide audience, AOTA-approved CEUs are available for select courses (with more to come).

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Are you new to the topic of interoception and want to learn more about how this inner bodily sense influences the lives of your clients, your child or even your own life?


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Interoception Resources

Does this sound familiar?: You know that interoception is important, but you have no idea where to start or what to do! Starting anything new can feel daunting, and that is exactly why we developed a variety of evidence-based interoception activities that can be used by a variety of people in a variety of settings. Whether you are a professional looking for strategies to enhance the interoceptive awareness in the clients you serve, a caregiver wishing to nurture your child's interoceptive understanding, or a self-helper on a quest to gain more clarity over your inner body signals and emotions, I've got you covered.

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Interoception, Emotion, and Trauma are just a few of the subjects Kelly has covered in her own research. See what she’s discovered and what she’s working on now.