The Big Book of Interoception Games

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Play your way to enhanced interoceptive awareness! The Big Book of Interoception Games includes 53 fun activities that invite practice noticing, connecting and/or regulating body signals. Each game provides several variations–making for 100s of playful interoception learning ideas. If you are looking for fun interoception activities to use with learners young and old, this book is for you!

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What is The Big Book of Interoception Games?

Nurturing interoceptive awareness is good for all of us, so why not make it fun and enjoyable?! The Big Book of Interoception Games is a compilation of 53 fun and playful games geared directly towards noticing and understanding body signals. The book can be used as a positive practice strategy within the comprehensive framework provided in The Interoception Curriculum, however, it is an enjoyable and meaningful standalone resource as well.

For many learners, developing an awareness of their body signals requires structured and direct opportunities to learn about their inner experience. Using fun games and activities can make the process feel engaging, safe, and motivating. The Big Book of Interoception Games invites learners to mindfully notice how their body feels during playful activities, including when running, acting, creating, and connecting with others.

How is The Big Book of Interoception Games different from a traditional book of games?

The games included in The Big Book of Interoception Games were designed specifically to nurture inner self-understanding by giving practice noticing, connecting and/or changing body signals. The games are intentionally adaptable, offering activities that can be used by many learners young and old in a 1:1 or group setting. In order to maximize inner connection, interoception reflection questions are provided for each game.

Who can I use The Big Book of Interoception Games with?

  • Everyone: Building interoception is good for all of us. Use this book in a 1:1 or group setting, to invite connection with yourself or the other learners in your life.
  • Ages: A variety of ages from preschool through adulthood.
  • Conditions/diagnoses: The benefits of interoception practice is not limited to people with specific conditions/diagnoses, making this book good for many different learners. However, this book can be used with learners that have a variety of conditions/diagnoses including autism, ADHD, trauma history, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc.
  • Communication: The book can be adapted for use with a variety of communication styles. For example, if using the book with a learner that does not speak to communicate, use the Descriptor Menus from The Interoception Curriculum to help the learner find/point to words to describe what they experience. Additionally, the games and prompts included in the book do not require a shared response.

Where can The Big Book of Interoception Games be used?

The Big Book of Interoception Games can be used in any location that would be considered a safe and comfortable location for game play. Some games may require more space or a different environment than others. This can include a variety of settings such as schools, backyards, occupational therapy clinics, community centers/gyms, at home, mental health facilities, and churches. The book can be easily implemented in a one-on-one session, small group, whole family, and/or large group/class setting.

How can The Big Book of Interoception Games Be Used to Support The Interoception Curriculum?

While The Big Book of Interoception Games can be used as a standalone guide, it is best used as a complement to the Interoception Curriculum (IC). The games provide the extra practice opportunities that are crucial for many people as they progress through the IC. To help make solid connections between the 2 learning resources, each game provides interoception reflection questions that are divided into the 3 main sections that match the IC: Body, Emotion and Action.

Want Even More Playful Interoception Activity Ideas?

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