3 Tips for Helping Our Clients Develop Theory of OWN Mind

My good friend and colleague, Peter Vermeulen, and I have been discussing a certain topic lately, and that is something called Theory of Own Mind. In the field of neuro-differences, we have an over-focus on Theory of Mind which refers to our ability to think about how other people are feeling, thinking, etc. However, what…

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Toileting + Interoception: Tuning Into Inner Signals

Most toileting programs have a strong behavioral influence emphasizing external means of reinforcement such as praise and rewards. This exclusive focus on external motivators fails to acknowledge the importance of internal factors that contribute to a person’s inner motivation needed for successful toileting.     One of the most common questions that comes up  in our…

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Unsafe, Unheard & Misunderstood: Trauma & Neurodiversity

  Many times, traditional trauma viewpoints do not fully capture the experience of neurodiverse learners resulting in many children and adults being misunderstood and many underlying needs overlooked.  The following blog is based upon my collaboration with my good friend and colleague, Kim Clairy MS, OTR/L who is autistic. We often do live online courses and…

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5 Keys to Supporting Behavior Regulation

As an occupational therapist for 18 years, I wanted to talk about a topic that’s really near and dear to my heart and that is helping to support the “behavior” or the regulation needs of my clients. I am very familiar with the traditional behavior management approaches–I’ve seen a lot of people use them over…

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3 Tips for Managing Holiday Meltdowns

For many of us around the world, we are in the midst of the holiday season. And although the holiday season can be exciting and joyful, for many it can be a time of disrupted routines, new sensory stimuli in the environment and a time of uncertainty— especially this holiday season combined with a pandemic….

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Part 2: Promote Feel-Good Emotions

As we all know, a regular school year is a big transition in itself, but in the midst of this pandemic, where everything feels uncertain there is definitely more anxiety all around—for everyone involved—teachers, school staff, students, parents and caregivers. And so, whether school is happening virtually or in person, I wanted to share three…

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Part 1: Tune Into Body Signals

3-Part Series to Help Kids Succeed at School With a new school year upon us, I thought it’d be helpful to layout a three part series filled with tips  and strategies to help ease everyone back into the school year. In my area, kids have just started back to school or they will be starting…

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Daily Activities That Can Help Develop Self-Regulation

For many of us, understanding our own emotions can be a very complex or complicated task. Luckily, our bodies provide many vital clues to our emotions. For example, tense muscles could be a clue that we are frustrated or a racing heart could be a clue that we are anxious. However, many adults and children…

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