One of the biggest questions I hear from educators is, “How can I more effectively support my dysregulated students?” Big emotions, outbursts, meltdowns, and refusals, oh my! There are more and more students that are struggling social-emotionally in the classroom. And behavior strategies are just not cutting it. It’s time for a fresh approach! Helping students notice and understand their own personal body signals is key. And that is what our interoception-based resources are all about. They can help you successfully support the foundation of where all social emotional learning starts (hint: it is the body!).

There is a shift gradually taking place in education, moving towards a more empathetic, affirming, and effective learning experience for both students and staff. While considerable progress is still needed, the wheels are in motion, powered by the science of interoception. More and more educators are using interoception activities in their classrooms and are learning more about the internal experience of their students as well as about their own bodily profiles and needs.

A classroom of young learners, all smiling with their hands raised.