On-Demand Course: Interoception & Early Learners: Establishing Body Listening from an Early Age

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This 1.5 hour course provides all new content with a focus on the development of interoception in early learners 0-3 years of age. As with any skill, the earlier we can begin to nurture Interoceptive Awareness the better. Learn all about the interoception system at birth, its early relationship with attachment and regulation and how it can be impacted by early life adversity and trauma. Strategies for nurturing interoceptive awareness in both the caregiver and the early learner are provided. For a sneak peek, click here.

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This On-Demand Course Includes:

  • 1.5-hours instruction with Kelly
  • 6-months (180 days) unlimited access to the course
  • Personalized certificate of completion

Course Highlights:

  • Available on-demand, you can take this course at your own pace
  • Immediate access to the downloadable course handout for guided note taking
  • BONUS! Exclusive access to a printable geared specifically for caregivers of early learners

What You’ll Learn:

  • All about the interoception system at birth
  • The interoception system’s early relationship with attachment and regulation
  • How interoception can be impacted by early life adversity and trauma
  • Strategies for nurturing interoceptive awareness in both the caregiver and the early learner

Who is the course for?:

This course is helpful for caregivers of young children as well as professionals supporting early learners including but not limited to occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, mental health providers (e.g., social workers, infant mental health specialists), educators and behaviorists.  Although the information presented in this course is geared towards early learners, much of the information is applicable to older learners as well.

BONUS: Exclusive to this course! 1-page caregiver handout that provides four interoception-based strategies for caregivers to use with early learners.


  • Introduction
  • Module 1: What is Interoception?
  • Module 2: Unique Inner Experiences
  • Module 3: Interoception and The Early Learner
  • Module 4: Interoception and The Caregiver
  • Module 5: Interoception, Attachment & Trauma
  • Module 6: Interoception & Self-Regulation
  • Module 7: Interoception Supports for Early Learners

CEU INFORMATION: All participants who view the entire online course, pass a quiz (passing rate of 75% or higher) and complete a feedback survey will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion. We are not pre-approved by specific professional organizations to offer Continuing Education (CE) credit. However, for some professionals, the Certificate of Completion may meet the criteria necessary to earn CE credit. Please contact your licensing and/or certification organization to determine whether you can earn credit for completion.



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