The Interoception Curriculum Starter Bundle

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Better Together – The Interoception Curriculum & Interoception Activity Cards – Get both and save $50!

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Perfect for professionals who want to begin using interoception-based resources with a variety of clients this bundle contains The Interoception Curriculum along with 170 Interoception Activity Cards that can be used on the go!

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When you purchase The Interoception Curriculum included in this bundle, you will also receive exclusive access to over 600 pages of downloadable instructional materials, worksheets and visual supports. Many of these materials can be customized to meet the needs of each individual learner.

Mom's Choice Awards SealThe Interoception Curriculum and Interoception Activity cards are both recipients of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards Silver Medal. The Mom’s Choice Awards evaluates products and services created for children, families and educators to establish the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services.

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4 reviews for The Interoception Curriculum Starter Bundle

  1. Anna Vander Haeghe, BScOT, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

    Bravo Kelly Mahler! Kelly has created an invaluable resource for professionals working in the fields impacted by Interoception. If this is you, this will be a part of your main tool kit. Her information is presented in an easy to follow curriculum that also allows you to modify it for the diverse population that we work with. Following this curriculum has greatly influenced my practice as an Occupational Therapist and is positively impacting the lives of my clients. Thank you, Kelly for sharing your expertise with the world!

  2. Chloe Rothschild, individual with autism, advocate, speaker

    As a young adult with autism I have found Kelly’s curriculum to be a game changer. It has helped me improve my own interoception skills and learn more about my body and emotions. This has led to me being better able to tell people how I feel as well as strategies to support my own regulation needs. This curriculum is filled with tips and concrete strategies and provides people with the tools needed to support interoception and self-regulation.

  3. Leanna Rae MSW and Cara Soto BCBA, Kid’s Brain Tree

    Kelly Mahler has written the definitive guide and process to integrating the concepts, language and application of interoception. She does so in a way that allows interoceptive awareness to be utilized in any therapeutic modality or setting, and for any person. Her work interweaves education and experimental practices that builds interoception within a person that is both trauma and neurobiologically informed. Her finesse in engaging the concepts and power of how relationship and connection facilitates the growth of our 8th sense is phenomenal. Kid’s Brain Tree is proud to have her transformative work in our programs.

  4. Liz, self-advocate

    As a person on the autism spectrum, I knew when I first learned of interoception, that Kelly had explained a core deficit of those with sensory processing difficulties, knowing what you feel and knowing what it MEANS. What I didn’t have was HOPE that there was anything we could actually do about it. The Interoception Curriculum, dividing treatment into phases and making parameters explicit, bridged the gap from doing mindfulness, which we all know in theory ought to help but doesn’t, to do systematic analysis that yields actionable data that a person can use to make a meaningful change. I’m finally beginning to interpret what I feel and use it to make life changes like dressing for the weather, knowing whether I’m tired or have a headache, etc. Highly recommend!

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