The Body Check Ring: Printable Cards, Activity Booklet, and Online Mini-Course

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15 printable body menu cards that provide structure and language support to help learners notice and understand their body signals in the moment. If you are looking for a convenient way to get more supported interoception practice, the Body Check Ring is for you!

Bonus: The Body Check Ring comes with a free instructional booklet which includes 5 bonus interoception games to play with the menu cards.

Plus!: Get exclusive access to the Body Check Ring Mini-Course which provides video explanation AND live demonstration on how to use the Body Check Ring and bonus interoception games.

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What is the Body Check Ring?

The Body Check Ring is a series of 15 printable menu cards, each representing 1 body part (e.g., hands, feet, heart, lungs). Each card provides a menu of descriptive words that can be used to describe the way each individual body part feels. All descriptive words are paired with a graphic representation, making this resource helpful for many learners; including those that are visual learners or pre-readers. 

The Body Check Ring provides a structured and convenient practice method for mindfully noticing body signals on the go! This practice is essential to building Interoceptive Awareness, which is the foundation of many important aspects of life including managing what your body needs for comfort and regulation. 

Bonus! The Body Check Ring comes with 5 bonus interoception games that can be played with the menu cards. Also, all purchases come with a mini-online course explanation AND live demonstration on how to use the Body Check Ring and bonus interoception games 

What you get with the Body Check Ring?

  • Immediate access to the Body Check Ring Printable Cards: 15 full-color, double-sided cards. Download, print and begin using right away. 
  • Immediate access to the Body Check Ring Printable Activity Booklet: includes instructions on 5 additional bonus games/learning activities.
  • Immediate access to the Body Check Ring Mini-Course: 45 minutes of explanation AND demonstration on how to use the Body Check Ring; watch Kelly using the Body Check Ring in action!

Who can I use the Body Check Ring with?

  • Everyone: Building interoception is good for all of us. You might even use them for your own self-care!
  • Ages: A variety of ages from preschool through adulthood.
  • Conditions/diagnoses: A variety of conditions/diagnoses including autism, ADHD, trauma history, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc.
  • Communication: The Body Check Ring can serve as a useful communication tool and the cards can be adapted for learners with a variety of communication styles. For example, the cards can be used to reduce the demand of spoken language by inviting a learner to point to the body signal noticed in a given body part. 

Where can the Body Check Ring be used?

The Body Check Ring can be used in any location that would be considered a safe and comfortable location for interoception practice. This can include a variety of settings such as schools, occupational therapy clinics, mental health offices/facilities, and community activities. The cards can be easily implemented in a one-on-one session, small group, whole family, and/or large class setting.

How does Kelly use the Body Check Ring?

Kelly uses the Body Check Ring to visually support learners in ‘checking’ how various body parts feel in the moment–a great tool to use on the go–makes an abstract process a bit more concrete which can be of benefit to many learners.