Kelly Mahler is currently available for virtual trainings and presentations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kelly Mahler presents on-site and virtual trainings and workshops internationally on a variety of topics including interoception, self-regulation, behavior, mental health and sensory processing. Topics can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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Popular Workshop Topics:

Interoception, The Eighth Sense: A Practical Evidenced-Based Approach to Developing Self-Regulation, Behavior, Language and Social Participation 

During this training, participants will gain an in-depth understanding about interoception including the impact this sense has on the development of social-emotional skills and positive behavior. Additionally, participants will learn evidence-based strategies for improving interoception, including coverage of The Interoception Curriculum, a step-by-step framework for improving interoceptive awareness.

Interoception Intensive: Advanced Application of Assessment and Intervention (2 or more days)

This interactive training is designed to provide a solid understanding of interoception as well as in-depth instruction on the assessment and development of interoception. Many hands-on opportunities for guided practice of assessment and intervention strategies are included in this training. Due to the interactive nature of this training, it is ideal for small groups of 150 or less.

The 5 Keys to Successfully Supporting Behavior Regulation

Many times, the behavioral regulation needs of a person are only supported at the surface level resulting in many underlying needs that are often overlooked. Current behavior trends have an over-focus on compliance and external behavioral supports. This session opens with a discussion regarding the dangers of current behavior approaches. Additionally, participants will learn the 5 key areas that should be a support consideration for every single person: Finding the WHY, Communication, Sensory Needs, Predictability, and a Structured Approach to Emotional Understanding. This session is filled with practical evidence-based strategies as well as first-person accounts from individuals with autism, trauma and other conditions.

Emotional Regulation & Positive Mental Health: A Fresh, Evidence-Based Approach    

Current emotional regulation supports tend to fall short for many individuals, resulting in high levels of anxiety, depression and sensory overwhelm which are pervasive into adulthood. This session provides a fresh, evidence-based approach that supports emotional regulation in line with current neuroscience and mental health research. A focus on interoception and promoting positive feeling emotions will be discussed. Many practical strategies will be shared.

Sensory Processing: Understanding and Supporting a Variety Needs

This session will provide participants with a strong, practical foundation of sensory processing including how to identify difficulties with sensory processing within all 8 senses. Practical solutions for supporting individuals with sensory differences are shared.

Interoception, The Eighth Sense: Through the Lens of an Autistic Adult (this powerful session is co-presented with an autistic adult–additional presenter fees may apply.)

One of the most overlooked foundations of independence and emotional well-being is interoception, our eighth sense. Many children and adults have differences in interoception and often times these differences go unnoticed. This session provides multiple personal accounts of what it is like to live with interoception differences, as well as insights on the real-life application of strategies for outsmarting and/or improving interoception challenges.

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Kelly Mahler Speaking to a Crowd


“Kelly is a very knowledgeable and entertaining speaker. She conveys a very clear message and provides a lot of practical examples and real-life stories which makes her information come to life.”


“I had so many ‘aha’ moments during Kelly’s talk. The information she shared about interoception has completely changed the way I view ‘challenging behavior.’ We need to dig deeper and Kelly teaches us how to do this and get one step closer to truly understanding our students.”


“This was by far the best continuing education session I have ever been too (and I have been to a lot!). Kelly’s presentation style is engaging and friendly. I could listen to her speak for hours. I am so excited to use all of the practical strategies that she shared today.“

“Wow!!! I would give this session 100 stars if I could. Kelly is a fantastic speaker who shares a very powerful message that completely changes the way we understand behavior and self-regulation. THANK YOU!!!!!”


“As a person with autism, I found Kelly’s session on interoception to be extremely helpful in understanding myself better. I thought the saying ‘butterflies in your stomach’ was just a saying. I didn’t realize that people actually felt that way. More people need to know about interoception. It will help them understand people like me better. That would be nice.”


“Kelly’s work single-handedly changes everything we know about emotional regulation and behavior management.”

Past Keynotes (selected)

  • Keynote. “Interoception, The Eighth Sense: Impact on Self-Regulation, Health & Well-Being”, Nebraska Statewide Annual Conference, Web-Based, April 2020 [with Chloe Rothschild]
  • Keynote. “Interoception, The 8thSense: What Caregivers Should Know”. Families for Autism Support and Awareness 20thAnnual Conference,  Laredo, TX, January 2020 [translated to Spanish]
  • Keynote: “The Role of Interoception and Trauma: Evaluation and Intervention Considerations”, AOTA National Children and Youth Speciality Conference, Orlando, FL; July 2019. [with Amy Lynch]
  • Keynote: “Interoception, The Eighth Sense: Impact on Self-Regulation, Health & Well-Being”, 30th Annual Conference hosted by Autism Society Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dells, WI; April 2019.
  • Keynote: “Interoception, The Eighth Sense: Practical Strategies for Improving Self-Regulation and Emotional Well-being”, 26th Annual Statewide Autism Conference hosted by Centers for Autism & Related Disabilities, Orlando, FL; January 2019.
  • Keynote. “Interoception, The Eighth Sense”, 2018 Annual Therapies in the School hosted by Education Resources, Inc., Framingham, MA; November 2018.
  • Keynote. “Interoception, The Eighth Sensory System: Practical Solutions for Self-Regulation, Social Participation, and Emotional Well-being”, 2018 Bridging Communities Conference hosted by Southern Connecticut Autism Services and Resource Center / Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT; April 2017.
  • Opening Keynote. “Interoception, The Eighth Sensory System: Impact on Occupational Performance and Quality of Life”, AOTA National Autism Specialty Conference, Cleveland, OH; September 2016.

Speaking Schedule

July 14, 2020- Interoception and Exteroception: Making Sense of the Internal and External World

6- hour webinar [with Prof. Andy McDonnell & Dr Peter Vermuelen] Studio III, UK

August 17-19, 2020- Interoception, The 8thSense: Impact on Self-Regulation

6- hour webinar (divided across 3 evenings)
GME Courses, Brazil

Open to the Public [translated to Brazilian Portuguese]

September 24, 2020 – Interoception, The Eighth Sense– A Focus on Assessment & Evidence-Based Strategies (Advanced Course)

3-hour webinar
Autism Awareness Centre (AAC), Canada

Open to the Public

September 28, 2020 – Private Event, UK

3-hour webinar

October 12, 2020 – Private Event, US

3-hour webinar

1-hour webinar [with Dr Amy Lynch] Canadian Occupational Therapy Association (COTA), Canada

Open to the Public

October 15, 2020 – Interoception, The Eighth Sensory System: Impact on Self-Regulation, Behavior, Mental Health and Social Participation

3-hour webinar
Theramoves, US

Open to the Public

October 19, 2020 – Private Event, Canada

3-hour webinar

October 22, 2020- Questions & Answers-Live with Kelly

2- hour webinar
GME Courses, Brazil

Open to the Public [translated to Brazilian Portuguese]

October 26, 2020- Interoception, The 8thSense: What Do Caregivers Need to Know

2- hour webinar
GME Courses, Brazil

Open to the Public [translated to Brazilian Portuguese]

October 27-29, 2020- Advanced Intervention and Clinical Reasoning (Follow-up to August Course)

6- hour webinar (divided across 3 evenings)
GME Courses, Brazil

Open to the Public [translated to Brazilian Portuguese]

October 29, 2020 – The One Big Thing No One is Talking About: Interoception, The 8th Sense

1-hour webinar
Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health, National Center for School Mental Health (NCSMH)

Open to the Public [FREE]

November 11-13, 2020-OCALICONLINE

3 Breakout Sessions (more info coming soon)

January 11, 2021: Promoting Regulation and Positive Mental Health During a Pandemic: The Importance of Interoception

3-hour webinar
Ohio School-Based Practitioners Summit

Open to Public

January 26, 2021 – Private Event, US

3-hour webinar

January 29 & February 4, 2021: Interoception, The Eighth Sensory System: Establishing Body Listening in Very Early Learners

6-hour webinar (divided across 2 days)
Michigan Infant Mental Health Association

Open to Public

February 16-17, 2021: Private Event, US

2-Day Intensive Workshop

April 16, 2021 – Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)

1-day workshop
Kansas, USA

June 8-9, 2021 – Thrive Occupational Therapy Services, Ltd.

2-day workshop
Kettering, England, UK

June 10, 2021 – Thrive Occupational Therapy Services, Ltd.

Keynote for the Advanced Training Day (Interoception Curriculum: Keynote, Workshop and Presentations)
Kettering, England, UK

TBD 2021 – Trauma & Attachment Symposium hosted by Cutchins Programs for Families & Children

2-day workshop
Hadley, MA, US

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